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"I’d Give it 10 Stars, if I Could! Great taste. I ordered the strawberry with the bundle then ordered the salted caramel and both are yummy. Extremely fast delivery. Easiest way to follow keto. Satisfying, sugar cravings are gone and I’m very pleased with the weight loss! I wish that I had found this program earlier! The information and support in the challenge is extremely helpful!"

Review by Debbie N. on 20 Jul 2020

"Absolutely loved it. Lost about 25 lb in just 30 days!"

Review by Manuel S. on 24 Apr 2020

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Lost over 27 lbs


Lost 55 lbs


Lost 10 lbs in 30 Days

"Great value and products. My only suggestion is to put one chocolate and one vanilla shake instead of 2 chocolate."

Review by Pamela P. on 5 Mar 2020

"I love the flavors in every single one of the products in this bundle. The chocolate Meal and Collagen are delicious. The Orange Mango BHB is very tasty, also. I have yet to use the Electrolites in Berry as well as the Macadamia FBOMB, but I'm sure they won't dissappoint. By the way, I had a sample of the Apple Pear BHB and it was fantastic; I highly recommend!"

Review by Jan J. on 10 Mar 2020

"Amazing ProductThis is by far the best product I’ve ever tried with incredible results! I started Monday June 8th, 2020. I am down 6 lbs since Monday!! I’m only replacing one meal for now and I have already achieved these amazing results!

"There are absolutely no jitters no headaches no side effects this is a very well-made product very smooth. Absolutely love this product!"

Review by Annette B. on 13 Jun 2020

"Favorite flavorI have lost 40+ pounds and lowered my A1c on my keto diet. My doctor suggested I find a quick and easy meal replacement to keep me on track during busy days. After searching a couple of brands and several flavors , this is my favorite. I probably only use it a couple of times a week but it is so handy to have a fall back plan to preparing every meal."

Review by Primavera B. on 14 Dec 2020

"Feeling great!So far so good👍🏻 I’m really liking these products! They seem to be helping me stay focused and on track! ☺️💪🏻"

Review by Rachel B. on 13 May 2020

"Producing results!!!Tastes great easy to drink. Easy to mix in a shaker bottle or with a frother. Highly recommend. Producing results!!!!"

Review by Monna C. on 14 Jan 2021

"love itThe shake is very smooth and tasty. No grit or aftertaste!"

Review by Heidi N. on 19 Dec 2020

"The bundle makes it easyThe bundle makes it easy for work, tastes MUCH BETTER than competitor brands, and the drink for afternoon slump actually works. I lost 3 lbs in 5 days because most importantly, I wasn’t coming home hungry, so no “appetizer” before dinner, and my energy remained consistent throughout the day. All this definitely makes it worth the price, in fact, I'm actually saving money."

Review by Susen S. on 22 Oct 2020

"I am loving the bundleI am loving the bundle shakes, vitamins, and pills..I haven't lost any weight yet but I haven't gained any either. We will see what happens next month."

Review by Sandra S. on 30 Sep 2020

"Love the bundle! I've been on the Keto challenge for 8 days now and feeling good so far. All of the Keto products taste really good."

Review by Lynette R. on 13 Jul 2020

"Great products!I really like the products. They’re great tasting and they work really well together. It’s also very helpful to stay on track with them especially since they’re sweet enough to satisfy when coming off of a carb and sugar diet. It’s definitely worth it! Thank you KetoLogic :) "

Review by Martina D. on 12 May 2020

"I am still using the Ketologic Keto 30 bundle.We ordered 2, one for me and one for my husband. He did not use much of his box, so I am using that one now. I ordered some more BHB to go with the other things we still have. To date, I have lost 14 pounds. That's not too bad since I am 72 and have trouble getting around. I was going to water aerobics but I couldn't go for awhile because I cut myRead more about review stating I am still using the Ketologic Keto 30 bundle. hand and couldn't be in the water, and when I could return, the heater on the pool was broken. I will be starting water aerobics again next week."

Review by Cynthia B. on 6 Mar 2020

"Amazing!!!I love it! Everything tastes great and can see a difference in following the program within days!"

Review by Elizabeth T. on 19 Sep 2020

"Good productEverything I bought was good. The stuff isn't cheap but with the promo codes it is okay. Having the shake was amazing because now I only had to worry about 2/3 meals in a day. The shake taste great also. All of the other items were helpful also. I did not really participate on the online stuff but I did use these products and I did stick to low low low carbs and I lost 22lbs in about 2-1/2 months. I also did not even work out. That was strictly dieting."

Review by Vincent L. on 22 Mar 2020

"Tastes like winning!Everything tastes good, which is a huge plus & the meal replacement keeps me full for hours! Would definitely recommend. I've lost 40lbs on the keto diet since January 2020 and this bundle, which I started at the end of June, is really helping me stay on track."

Review by Lucinda J. on 8 Jul 2020

"I love the flavor ofI love the flavor of all of it! This is my first time trying the Collagen and Electrolytes, and I'm enjoying both. My joints feel great, and I feel hydrated, which is hard to keep up with in the desert where I live! Overall, I love the energy I get from being in Ketosis and just not feeling hungry all the time. Plus the coaches and program are great! Very informative and helpful."

Review by Amanda H. on 28 Jan 2021

"I was happy with theI was happy with the products I received for the money I paid. I will begin my challenge on 1/4/2021"

Review by Connie M. on 31 Dec 2020

"KILLER RESULTS & LOVE IT! Such good results from the products in this bundle with a great price. Can't believe you get 8 products AND access to the guided challenge which gives you free coaching!!!"

Review by Andy on 24 Nov 2020

"Well I just started usingWell I just started using it I think it's to early to said something but it really tastes really good I hope it help me loos
Some weight since I'm a truck driver it's kind of hard for me to workout or exercise but I will try my best but thank you keto community!!!😁"

Review by Juan B. on 1 Oct 2020

" I love it! I haveI love it! I have the chocolate and the orange-mango....
So so good... I’m having a little GI distress from the chocolate so I’m making half a shake and having a hard boiled egg to supplement the protein...
I’m going slow but steady!"

Review by Tish L. on 14 Aug 2020

"Frappe bundle 🔥🔥🔥Man this bundle has me using my ninja blender to make fraps. Salted Caramel Meal Shake, Vanilla Caffeine BHB, and a Nespresso shot 😍🤤😋 it perfection 👌🏽"

Review by Valentin T. on 13 Aug 2020

"First time userI really love my keto 30 bundle. I only been on it for 3 days but the taste is great it's very easy to follow the plan. I give it a thumbs up."

Review by Alicia D. on 9 Jul 2020

When You Join You Get:

  • Keto 30 Day Challenge Course ($100 value)
  • ​KetoMeal Replacement 30 Day Supply ($120 value)
  • ​Keto BHB 30 Day Supply($60 Value)
  • Weekly Live Coaching Calls ($100 value)
  • Private FB Challenge Group (priceless)
  • Keto Private Alumni Community  (priceless)
  • ​FREE SHIPPING For Your Entire Bundle
  • ​NO HASSLE 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

"KetoLogic KETO 30I love Love LOVE the products. I’m a shake girl and this might be the best I’ve ever tried. And the BHB is da bomb. Curbs appetite and tastes amazing."

Review by Mary S. on 21 Apr 2020

"The chocolate meal and collagen is delicious!"

Review by Sabrina A. on 10 Sep 2021

"Love this bundle"

Review by Paivi M. on 20 Mar 2021

"Love this bundle! - The chocolate ketomeal and apple-pear keto-BHB are delicious! I add a tablespoon of flax seed to the ketomeal, put it in the Ninja Bullet and there’s breakfast!! Will definitely order again."

Review by Laura C. on 19 Feb 2021

"First, and most important, it’sFirst, and most important, it’s working! In one month I’ve lost 6 1/2 pounds. When I first got the KetoMeal & BHD, I had to get used to the taste. I ordered the vanilla ketomeal and the mango BHD. The flavors are good, but strong. I started adding approved frozen berries and blending into a shake. The vanilla tastes like ice cream that way. ItRead more about review stating First, and most important, it’s’s delicious. With the mango I did the same thing, just different fruit and less. So good! Totally totally takes care of my sugar cravings. I then ordered the pear apple BHD, and it’s a little too much sour apple for me. Find the flavors that you like and you’ll have no problem sticking to the plan. Yummy!"

Review by Ashley M. on 10 Feb 2021

"review stating Good mixI like it and easy to drink good Flavor I have the chocolate and the orange-mango BHB good mix"

Review by Raymond P. on 12 Mar 2020

"Keto Bundle - Excellent products. All are very tasty and tasty to prepare."

Review by Leah W. on 5 Mar 2020

"I have tried many "diet/supplemental" shakes in the past and they all tasted horrible!! This KetoLogic shake tastes so good that you actually think you are drinking a milkshake. I actually look forward to drinking it!!!"

Review by Patricia K. on 15 Apr 2019

"Everything I needed to get started on the right path"

Review by David B. on 21 Jun 2021

"Keto 30 - Loving my bundle, everything tastes great and having the shopping list and keto recipes is so helpful. Coach Dennis is wonderful also!"

Review by Jessica B. on 4 Jun 2021

" A MUST HAVE Bundle! EVERY single item in the bundle TASTES AMAZING! It doesn't feel like I'm on a diet. The Coaching sessions are a MUST! It helps you set your macros / goals and understand which products to use and when to use them! Enjoying KETO because of this bundle!"

Review by Michael A. on 1 Jun 2021

"Very goodThis KetoLogic bundle is the easy way to get going on a KetoDiet and to keep going on it this is my 60 day on it all most 30 pounds down"

Review by Raymond P. on 13 Apr 2020

"Keto 30 I loved it 💕, it was a great help to get me started on the keto lifestyle"

Review by Gloria P. on 5 Mar 2020

"Such a great value for your money. I wish it did come with a 60 serving of the BHB though just because I could easily drink that twice a day. Tastes great!"

Review by Tara C. on 17 May 2019

"I love the vanilla becauseI love the vanilla because I can add different extracts, i.e., coconut, mint and change it up. The orange-mango is like dessert. It replaces my craving for Häagen-Dazs' mango sorbet--for real."

Review by Freddy R. on 12 Feb 2019

"Great deal!"

Review by James J. on 10 Mar 2021

"Keeps you full!Taste delicious! Very filling. It’s a smoothie that can keep you full until lunch, which is not true with a lot of smoothie meal replacement."

Review by Donna S. on 25 Feb 2021

"Best protein drink I have ever had. Vanilla"

Review by Jackie E. on 12 Dec 2020

"Taste great & fast shippingI was pleasantly surprised with the great flavor, fast shipping and because I contacted customer service, their response time was excellent!"

Review by Darlene W. on 28 May 2020

"Awesome!!Keto meal tastes like a Wendy’s frosty!! The orange/mango is good. Can’t wait to try the apple/pear."

Review by Karen F. on 18 May 2020

"So far it is workingSo far it is working great down 4.4 pounds in 2 weeks."

Review by Jacqueline W. on 5 Mar 2020

"I love this bundle, it's a no brainer!!!! I have been doing this for one week and I can feel the difference, my energy is better, I am no longer bloated and it's all super easy. Dropping an extreme amount carbs really made a huge change for me."

Review by Monica H. on 26 Sep 2019

"Taste amazing I always put a little extra just to enhance the flavor. Wish the bhb powder came with more in it. Ran out with a week left of the meal replacement"

Review by Devin M. on 1 Mar 2019

"Down 13 pounds in 2 weeks. Started to walk and count my calorie/carb/fat intake. Feeling good. Chocolate ketomeal mixed with heavy whipping cream and unsweetened almond milk tastes like a chocolate shake. So good"

Review by Ryan M. on 27 Apr 2021

"TASTE GREAT,ENERGY - Haven't found anything yet that tastes bad. I even get excited having my coffee with the collagen and MCT oil in the mornings. The Electrolytes seem to give me that little boost I need also. I haven't learned everything you can do with the ketomeal , but just mixed with some almond milk is awesome."

Review by Brett G. on 5 May 2021

When You Join You Get:

  • Keto 30 Day Challenge Course ($100 value)
  • ​KetoMeal Replacement 30 Day Supply ($120 value)
  • ​Keto BHB 30 Day Supply($60 Value)
  • Weekly Live Coaching Calls ($100 value)
  • Private FB Challenge Group (priceless)
  • Keto Private Alumni Community  (priceless)
  • ​FREE SHIPPING For Your Entire Bundle
  • ​NO HASSLE 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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